Who We Are

Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society is a group of volunteers aimed primarily at increasing public knowledge of domestic ferrets in Prince George and northern British Columbia.

Why We Exist

There are still many people who don't realize that ferrets are (and, as far as anyone can tell, always have been) domestic animals who depend on the kindness of humans to survive. The reason you rarely, if ever, see stray ferrets is because they absolutely cannot survive on their own. More than even cats and dogs, ferrets rely on the kindness of a loving home for their survival.

Unfortunately, many people get pet ferrets not realizing how much work they are. This often leaves the ferrets in a situation where they are caged around the clock and neglected or abandoned. Many ferrets are rehomed multiple times in their lives, not provided with appropriate vet care and often die young. Until the founding of Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society, there was no way to adopt a ferret in Northern BC, and no resources for ferret owners or ferrets in our area. Thanks to our group of dedicated volunteers and foster families, this is no longer the case.

What We Do

As the name implies, we are an INFORMATION and RESCUE society. By providing information, we hope to make potential ferret owners aware of what you are signing up for when they get a pet ferret, and by doing so make it less likely that these pets are neglected, abandoned or surrendered. We take in unwanted, abused and neglected ferrets, educate potential adopters and provide long term care for ill, injured or abused ferrets that are no longer adoptable. All ferrets are well cared for through a series of experienced and knowledgeable foster homes.

For more information, please contact us.