We are always looking for all sorts of volunteers, and it doesn't matter whether you're an experienced ferret owner or not - in fact, you don't even need to own ferrets!

We are currently looking for creative and crafty volunteers willing to create items to sell in our fundraiser stores, people willing to think up and implement fundraising schemes, and even to help organize future ferret information days! We would also appreciate people willing to help spread the word about our little organization by printing off and pinning up Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society posters, as well as someone willing to take the lead on information sessions for elementary schools, and a volunteer coordinator.

If you do not feel that you have a lot of time to commit, but still want to help out a little bit, we always welcome donations of ferret supplies and financial assistance.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about volunteering, please e-mail info@ferretsnorth.org

Every little bit helps!