To ensure that our ferrets get the very best forever home possible, all potential adopters must go through an adoption process, detailed below.
  1. The process begins with the completion of an online adoption application (form is located at bottom of page). Completed application forms are reviewed by our society board of directors and any initial questions are asked or concerns raised. 
  2. Step two is an over the phone interview in which concerns are raised and questions about ferret ownership, what you expect from a pet ferret and how much research has been done are asked.
  3. This is followed by a meeting between the potential adopters and foster family to ensure that the family and ferret are a suitable match.
  4. The final step in the adoption process is a home visit to ensure that the family is prepared for their new furry arrival. 
The whole process takes approximately two weeks, and we appreciate your patience. The adoption process may be terminated at any time if the board of directors feels that they have been misled by the party wishing to adopt or if the directors feel that the ferret's needs will not be adequately met.

Filling out an adoption application does not guarantee an adoption. It is possible for homes to be approved only to have the ferret not be suitable for the home; in these situations, the adopter has the right to request to be notified if future ferrets come in that might be a better match. This process is not meant to insult or discriminate, but rather to ensure that the animals in our care find homes that match their needs as perfectly as possible.


Adoption fees are as follows: $150 for a single ferret, $250 for a pair; all adoptable ferrets have been deemed healthy (and so 'adoptable') by our vet*. We do have some ferrets from time to time that have known health problems but are still looking for a permanent home; these health conditions are disclosed in their bios.

*A clean bill of health from the vet simply means that the animal did not display any sign of illness at the time of the visit, and no health concerns were raised by the foster family. It is not meant to guarantee that health conditions such as insulinoma or adrenal disease will not develop in the future. Ferrets with debilitating, terminal or chronic health conditions are considered not adoptable and placed in permanent foster situations where their long term health requirements can be met.


 If you have any questions regarding animals that we have up for adoption contact us.

NOTICE: adoption forms CANNOT be filled out on behalf of a third party.

  • Ferrets North Information and Rescue Adoption Application Form

  • We strongly encourage all applicants to research ferret ownership prior to filling out an application.We recommend "Ferrets for Dummies" by Kim Schilling and have ferret information available on our blog
    ***Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society only adopts out to residents of Prince George, British Columbia and  the surrounding areas. For those interested in adopting ferrets outside of Prince George and area, please contactABC FERRET RESCUE***
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    By submitting this form, you are asserting that all information on this application is true and accurate and that you understand all the questions being asked. You further understand that any falsified information will lead to the termination of the adoption process. By submitting this form, you are authorizing the disclosure of any records relating to the above information. Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society reserves the right to refuse any application they deem unsatisfactory. The completion of this application form does not guarantee the right to adopt a ferret from Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society.
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